Welcome to ECO GRINZ

Ecogrinz maintains international standards in production and most modern facilities in our factories. Ecogrinz Trading (P) Ltd is the leading manufacturer and Exporter of coir and allied products. It enjoys a unique position in the international market for high quality coco peat,coir blocks,fibre,bales and discs.. We are the largest exporters of coir products to US, UK,Europe,,Singapore,China,Middle East etc.. Our sales office located in Dubai helps the international clients to reach us easily and have one to one business discursions, and advice us quality requirements for each client.

  • coco peat

    Coco Peat / Koko Peat / Coir Peat / Coir Pith is the residue after the Extraction of Fiber from the husk (Mesocarp) of the coconut.

  • rooting plugs

    Cocopeat Non-woven rooting plugs. Very easy to use. These small coins expands with its non woven biodegradable paper.

  • grow Bag

    A specific volume of quality coir pith blended with adequate quantity of short fibre and cocochips (for better aeration)in a compressed form...

  • Geo Textile

    Coir geotextiles are currently used in erosion control measures such as growing of vegetation on highway shoulders and embankments...